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Big 6 Challenge


2019/2020 State - HS A Division

The 2019/2020 State Team battled their way to HS A division champions with a 5-0 record. Throughout the tournament aggressive defense and great play between the pipes kept opposing offenses uncomfortable. Mac Cannon (2019, D) stood out defensively causing turnovers every game. Nolan Hoffman (2019, G) and Matthew Ohrn (2019, G) saw the ball all tournament. The offense did enough to win game in and game out, but in the championship game finally clicked on all cylinders in a high scoring affair. Asher Mendell (2019, Att Detroit Mercy Commit), Marcus Prine (2019, Att), Aidan Itamura (2019, Mid/Att), and Kai Takesue (2019, Mid) were a few of the stand outs throughout the weekend. "This team is loaded with talent, as we continue to learn to play together we will see some special things happen" coach Meachum commented, "I look forward to seeing this team perform out east in a couple weeks at UPLAX".


2021/2022 State Team - HS B Division

The 2021/2022 State team competed up in a bracket filled with experienced high school players, and although they were challenged they were not outmatched. The team fought their way to a semi-final appearance and lived up to the hype that surrounds this team. Stand out defensive play by Will Bauer (2021, D), Bryce Cannon (2022, D), Leo Tuttle (2021, D/LSM), Thomas Berger (2021, D), and excellent goaltending by Jack Emkow (2021, G) and Ethan Hall (2022, G) guided to the team to a successful weekend. Offensively the team was anchored by Jake Klein (2022, Att) and E.J. Reichert (2021, Att). "We had a ton of success against much older competition, I'm looking forward to seeing this team continue to live up to the expectation the coaching staff has for this group" coach Meachum commented on the team's performance. The 2021/2022 State Team is set to travel east and play at UPLAX later in November.

HS Select - HS B Division

HS Select team competed the weekend in the HS B division, and with limited numbers fought to a 2-2 record on the weekend. Led defensively by Jack Judy (2020, G), Corbin Bradford (2020, D/LSM), Neil Pettinga (2019, F/O) and Roman Casciani (2020, D/LSM) the team limited opportunities throughout the weekend. Offensively the team found Devin Bartlett (2019, Att) distributing the ball to open teammates all weekend. "With limited numbers due to injuries and schedule conflicts, we knew this team would have to be iron men leading into the weekend. I wanted to see if these guys could overcome adversity and they definitely had it in them. We look to develop these athletes and I've already seen growth in the first month. I look forward to seeing where we can get the athletes on this team with a winter of training" coach Meachum commented on the group.

U14 State Team - 2023 Premier Division

U14 State squared off in the 2023 Premier Bracket. Matched up with elite teams in the program, the state team rose to the challenge with a championship appearance. After going 2-1 on the first day of competition with it's only loss to MN's 2023 state team, the team came out and won it's first game to earn a semi final appearance and rematch against MN 2023 State Team. After a back and forth battle, U14 took the lead and took revenge for a win and championship berth. Although the team ran out of gas in the championship, the coaches remained impressed, "we placed this team in a very competitive bracket expecting them to be challenged and potentially struggle. This team exceeded our expectations and we were very happy with the performance. With some winter training through the winter this team is going to turn heads this summer, we can't wait to get back to work with this group" coach Meachum remarked. Offensively Matthew Soyka (2023, Att), Aden Reyes (2023, Mid), & Ryker Bednar (2023, Mid) were electric all weekend. Holding down the team in cage Joe Cannedy (2022, G) and Hayden Hicks (2022, G) kept teams honest all weekend, aided by the solid defense Tarun Bhamidipati (2022, D) and Sam Stevenson (2022, D) provided.

U14 Select - U14 B Division

The U14 Select team faced off in the U14 B bracket at the Big 6 Challenge and was tested throughout the tournament. Facing steady competition throughout the first day of competition, the team went 2-1 earning a playoff appearance. Facing off against a stellar foe, the team fell to True Illinois Southside in the first round. Offensively Will Morris (2022, Mid) and Kristian Schoonover (2023, Mid/Att) were the work horses of the offense. A stand out in cage was Cameron Reisz (2023, G) who kept the team in games throughout the tournament. Alex Ulm (2022, D) and Charlie Marsh (2024, D) made their presence known making plays throughout the weekend. "We weren't sure how this team would come out and compete, there's some talented players in this group, but we are a young team. I was impressed with how scrappy this team is. They've set the standard for what we will expect from them at practice and in the upcoming summer's tournaments" coach Meachum commented on the performance.

U12 - U12 A Division

The U12 team competed in the top bracket this weekend at the Big 6 Challenge and was tested all weekend. Facing off against the top teams from Illinois and the top U12 Grand Rapids team, the young Indy team progressed through the weekend. Led offensively by Andrew Jachimowicz (2024, Mid), Drew Cannon (2024, Mid), Teddy Burkhart (2025, Att) and Cam Ice (2024, Att) the team fought hard through the tournament. Defensively, Grant "Gator" Ramsey (2024, D) and Mason Buttery (2024, G) stood out. "We saw competition that many of the athletes on this team have never seen before. Our opponents were big, fast and had great stick skills. The boys saw what the difference is between local programs and travel lacrosse. It is a great benchmark for where we want this team to get and I am confident this team will get there" coach Meachum remarked.